My middle school Reflection

My middle school years were absolutely amazing! I made so many new friends and had so many great memories. 


The funniest moments I have had are with my friends. We would always be laughing and having so much fun.  We would occasionally get in trouble but we didn’t care.  I have a lot of friends but I have a few that really are important to me.  Marissa Biehl was my best friend in 7th grade.  We had all our classes together and we were inseparable.  Marissa Gadacy was my best friend in 8th grade and we had so many laughs in homeroom.  In 8th grade, I made a lot of new friends and I still kept a lot of my old ones. 8th grade was by far the best year of middle school for me.  I know that the friends I made for the past three years are going to be there for me in high school.  That is one of the reasons why I am not so scared.

Do you think the US should become more or less Democratic?

Do you think the US should become more or less Democratic?

Well i thought about this for a while and then i finally decided. I think the US is fine the way it is, well i think it is fine democratically.  We shouldn’t mess with a good thing.  Things are moving smoothlywith voting.  Sure it could use a little less fighting and arguing but other than that it works fine.  Everything has flaws but i don’t think that these flaws are that bug that we should change how democratic or undemocratic we are.

Voting Qualifications

If there was no electoral college, what would the qualifications be for people to be able to vote?

I think the qualifications should be that you must have been born in the US, must be 18 or older, and must have some sort of previous or present education.

I think these are good requirements because if the people are picking the President, then i think it should be based on facts and not popularity.  If we let teenagers vote, we would have that problem.  Teenagers don’t pay attention to the facts.  They pay attention to the polls and the popularity standings.  They don’t care if what the candidates promises are to our nation, they care about who is more popular and who has better clothes.  So i don’t think that people under the age of 18 should be allowed to vote.

If my name was a verb…

If my name was a verb it would probably be… laugh because im always laughing and having a good time with my friends. Everyone would be saying “Wow thats really funny we should all sam.”  Haha that sounds cool!! What would your name be if it was a verb?

The Story of Sequoyah

Hello my name is Sequoyah.  I have been traveling for a long time now.  All of us have been traveling together.  Most have died but some have survived the journey.  I am one of those lucky few.  Unfortunately my husband left us a week ago.  His brother has been watching over us.  My husband was the Chief of our tribe but now that he has parted with us, his brother shall take over.  We have been traveling for several months now.  There isn’t a lot of food and shelter is scarce.  It is near winter and it is getting very cold.  My daughter is snuggled up behind me.  We are all very cold.  We are all heading towards the West.  I hope we can all make it through this hard journey.

Actions or Intentions?

If someone asked you this question what would you say?  I would say actions.  I would because when you judge people by their intentions you could be leading yourselves for a big letdown.  But with actions, you know what they did and its done so you know that what they promised was accomplished.

What keeps you going?

I was tagged by Olivia to do this soo here it goes….

What keeps me going? Hmm… i was thinking about this for a while and i came up with FRIENDS!!! I am always with my friends and we always have such a great time! We are always laughing and having fun wherever we go. People look at us like wow those girls are crazy but hey, we cant help it. Everything is just so funny we just laugh and keep laughing because we forgot what we were laughing about in the first place. lol. So this post is dedicated to all my friends…you know who you are. lol.

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OMG Books!!!

OMG i love reading… I read alot of different series but mainly ones that i can relate to.  Like right now i am in 3 series: The Clique, The Ashleys, And Twilight (sort of).  I read like the first 10 chapters but it is kind of boring to me.  Im probably the first girl in the world who doesnt like Twilight, or Rob Pattinson.  They both just dont appeal to me.  But i do love the Clique and Ashley series.  They are both kind of the sme but different in a way but i like the Clique better.  I can realate to both because they are both about 8th grade girls going through problems like boys, grades, and drama!! lol.

 I am reading this one right now.  Its the 10th in the series.


  This is the new one that is coming out on July 7, 2009!!


  This is the DVD.  I got it for Christmas and i watched it like 4 times that

  This is the fist book in the series.  My mom actually picked out this book and i really didnt want to read it but we were camping at the beach and i finish it in the first like 3 days. I loved it!!

  This is the second book.  I read this one in like 4 days!!

  This one actually took me longer to read but its still good.


  This is the newest of the books but i didnt read it yet but its probably going to be ah- mazing!!

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I was tagged by Priscila & Kristen to do this post soo….here it goes:  If you could have a super power , what would you choose?

If i could have a superpower, i would want it to be…. FLYING!! I would absolutly love to fly.  I wouldnt need to use a car or a bus or anything ever again.  I could just fly anywhere. I wouldnt need my parents to drive me to my friends houses anymore. And i would love the feel of the wind in my face and my hair flying all around my face. It would be soooo much fun!!

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If i was the last person on Earth….??

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If i was the last person on Earth….?? Hmmm…. i think i would probably go crazy.  I would definitelystart hearing things.  I mean being alone, all the time, that would give me the creeps!!  I hate being alone, i always need someone there with me.  But i think i could handle all the other stuff like cooking and cleaning any things like that.  And on the plus side, i wouldn’t need to buy anything but i would also have nobody to show my new clothes to. 🙁 

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My Blogs Personality

I wewnt on this website where you can find out what your blogs ” personality” is so… i went on it and my blog is a performer!!

Orginal Wording:

The Performers
The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.
The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

So go find out what your blog is and comment!!

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10 Thing to Do Before I Kick the Bucket

Soooo…. i was tagged to do the 10 things to do before you die by Amanda sooo…. here it goes:

1) Go skydiving with Amanda!! lol. I want to feel the rush of falling.

2) Kiss somone in the rain.  Its really romantic<33

3) Get married on the beach!!  I love the beach and the waves would be great for a background in a picture.  I just have to find somebody first…

4) Finish college, get a degree, and become a marine biologist.   I love the water and the fish in it.  I want to study coral reefs and know how they work and everything about them.

5) Go to Austaralia.. you know Down Unda!!lol…and maybe Paris too!! 

6) See the ball drop in New York City on New Years Eve.  It seems soooo exciting to be there to witness the new year coming!!

7) Say what i need to say to everyone i need to say something to.  I always chicken out.  I need to start talking

8 ) Live in New York and maybe work in the fashion indusrty. I know i already said i wanted to be a marine bioligist but… im confused!!

9) PERMANTLY STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR!!! Its a poof and i just want it to be tame for a little while.  I know they dont last very long… but i will

10) Complete my list!!

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My Wonderfull Place!!!

My wonderful place would have to be….. The Breachway!! The Breachway is the campground i go to in the summer. Its a dirt parking lot and you walk like a few feet to the beach!! They have the best beach!! I love it ♥♥!! And in the back.. it has like a salt pond where me and my familia go fishing, clamming, and swimming!! We meet a lot of people there and we are really close to this one family that we met a few years ago.  We were camping next to them and my brother walked over and started to have breakfast with them. It was soo funny cause then like the whole week… we spent every minute together!! Now we plan trips all the time together. I really love this place. I have sooo many memories and good times i cant even count them!!


 These are the rocks at the breachway. My dad likes to fish off them.

 This is the beach!! The waves are usually a lot bigger.



A Really Cute Poem♥♥

I thought we were just friends,
But then I felt more.
My friendship with you,
I’ll always adore.
You’re always in my mind;
you’re always in my heart.
It will always hurt me
if we’re always apart.
I never get to say
how I really feel.
But I never really thought
it would be such a big deal.
But the time has come,
I think you should know.
You mean so much to me,
though it may not show.
This is so hard for me to say,
but I couldn’t do it
in any other way.
You don’t understand
all the joy you bring
to my heart,  
I just wanted to say…

Its Febuary…♥♥

I love Febuary!! Its one of my favorite months. I love it because of Valentine’s Day, Lent, and its the month before my birthday!! Valentine’s Day is like one of my many favorite holidays. I love how everyone is like “i love you” and there is hearts everywhere and everyone is full of love!! ♥♥



7 Things

I have been tagged by Kristen to do the 7 things post.

1) I loooove sour gummy worms. They are my absolute favorite snack ever!!

2) I actually like school. I like having a place to be with my friends and i actually like learning.

3) I don’t like spaghetti with sauce. I’ll eat it plain but not with the sauce. But i do like pizza!

4) I hate sharing a room with my sister. She is sooo annoying but….i still love her ( but not her

5) I always have my nails painted. Like every couple of days my nails are a different color.

6) I absolutely,with all my heart, positively love my cats with a passion. They are my life. They sleep with me every night and comfort me when i am feeling sad. I will get pictures of them on here as soon as i find out

7) I don’t like it when people pretend to be someone they are not. It bugs me because they are just scared that nobody will like them if they aren’t popular or cool. I like honest people way better and luckily all my real friends are.

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Wooow…No School!!

We have no school today and i am sooo excited.  My mom just took me, my brother, and my sister out to breakfast. We went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes).  We waited forever but it was totally worth it. The food was great except the coffee….yuck. Never trying that Now my brother and i are going sledding. Bye<33

Changing Me Before Changing the World

What do you have to change about yourself before you can change the world?

Wellllll…. I would definitely have to change my attitude towards things.  If i don’t have a motive or inspiration, i wont get right up and do things.  I need a legit reason.  The other thing i must change is my get-up-and-go-ness…..yeah.  I am very lazy.  I procrastinate alot sooooo i need to fix that before i can start planning to save the

(Oooooh, i like this


Inauguration Speech

My fellow Americans,

I stand here, proud and hopeful for the changes waiting to come. I promise that the things i said during the campaign will come through. Things such as health care, the economy, and the war. We shall higher the quality of health care but lower the price. We will take the next step into making our country the best it can be. I cant do it alone. I need your support. I need your help!

Thank You.

The Beach!!

Don’t you just looove the beach!! Its so relaxing and soothing oh and fun too. i like laying in the sun, playing frisbee or football, or swimming in the sea. All of those are things to do at the beach but with some imagination… can come up with more….!


Whats the Most Powerful Thing You Could Say To Someone??

Whats the Most Powerful Thing You Could Say To Someone??

I was thinking about this for a looong time and i finally came up with something. Nobody likes a liar right… well the best thing you can say is the truth.  Even if it might hurt them, they will respect you for telling them the truth. Then they will trust you and you will have a better relationship.

New Years Resolutions

I know its a little late but i usually cant think of any resolutions until like a week after so…yeah.  I thought about it and i think i pretty much like my life right now and don’t really need to change anything but i do want to make the honor roll all year this year.  I only made it once last year so i want to improve there.  My parents came up with a resolution… listen to them better…….yeahhh…


The pet i would love to have is…….. an elephant!! They are  so big and i just love them. Elephants are my favorite animals.

With an elephant, i could get rides and wouldn’t have to take the bus to school. Also they look like they have so much fun when they drink the water and then spit it out. That’s so cool! But the only downside is cleaning up after it. Ewww!! Gross…..!!

There are normal pets like cats, dogs, and hamsters but who wants to be normal? I would definitely want to ride an elephant to school.

I already have 2 cats, Twinky and Mandy ( riss). I love them both.  They always fight with each other and when you walk up to them fighting, they both look up at you and then run away. They are soooo supercute!!


Step by step… steadily ♫♫ by bocavermelha-l.b..

Textbook Articles

The Mississippi Region 

New Orleans has been ruled by many nations. It was first founded by the French, then ruled by the Spanish. Forty years later, the French controlled New Oreleans yet again. New Orleans docks were busy gettting cargo from up the Mississippi River. Some of the cargo was then going to Europe. This caused New Orleans to receive many different cultures from around the world. Today, New Orleans is full of diversity.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

President Jefferson is sending an expedition of explorers to study the West and to see if there is a river route to the Pacific Ocean. Jefferson chose Lewis, Clark, and a team of explorers to cross the plains and study the land. Jeferson also would like the team to study the soil,the vegetatio, and the climate of the area. The team is also to make peaceful relations with the American Indians. Lewis and Clark start their expedition in May.

Crossing the Plains

Lewis and Clark set out on their journey. They met many Indians and told them that he land they were standing on was now owned by the US. They then gave the leaders gifts from their personal supplies. They received help from a French fur traders wife, Sacagawea. She helped them along their journey. Lewis kept a journal with him and wrote down many of his experiences and difficulties. He wrote about sickness, storms, and conflicts with Indians.

Pacific and Back

Lewis and Clark had an adventurous expedition. They suffered from cold, hunger, and fatigue in the Rocky Mountains. They traded with many Indian tribes and collected a great amount of scientific facts on the plants and animals of the region. When they arrived home, hundreds of people were on the shore of the river cheering and waving.

The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my____?

The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my____?

I was thinking about this and i came up with friends.  Now you may be thinking that this isn’t that important but let me explain.  Without my friends, i wouldn’t have anyone to talk to about my problems.  But there are down sides such as when i trust a friend and tell them something, i don’twant them to tell anybody else and especially blow it out of proportion and come up with this whole big lie.  I also don’t like when my friends make fun of my for saying something or laugh behind by back.

But other than that i would say that my friends are really a big part of me and my life.  Well at least my real friends.

Cats in the Humane Society

A local woman, Patti Ann Nadeau, had her cats confiscated in May. They are now in the Meriden Humane Society but Nadeau wants them back. The court or the Humane Society will not allow her to get the cats back because she does not keep them in an appropriate environment. The Humane Society wants to be able to give the cats up for adoption but cannot until they have legal custody of all 30 cats.